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Jenn I worked in trade publishing in NY years ago legal. So IMHO, stop querying, and start writing and uploading your own books. Great information. Thank you Beks; what a kind thing to say. If you write it Nwando, you already own the copyright as for as a court of law is concerned speaking of U. Oh wow this is such an interesting side hustle. I have never read any purely romance novels. I love how you share your self publishing strategy. That can be applied to many other kinds of books. Thanks for sharing! It can Ms. Fortunately, I was able to break even.

I say fortunately, because I launched my product with just two competitors. Within a month, there were about Point being, I found Amazon way too saturated to succeed on. But your approach is different. Anyone can import products, but not everyone is a strong writer. This makes the competition reasonable. The way you write your eBooks is no exception.

Your first one failed because it was a general romance story, but then you found more success as you honed in on interracial romance.


How to Be a Successful Author in Both Fiction & Non-Fiction: Interview with Joanna Penn

Just another example of how important it is to find a niche. Congratulations on finding a solid, consistent online income! Thank you Josey. And yeah, take those hard-earned lessons and apply them to romance writing. I write fiction and non-fiction books. I may eventually.

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Right now I have so many projects going, I feel like I should be narrowing my focus — lol. But I might give it a shot eventually! Hi Yuwanda, thanks for sharing such a great idea.

How to Increase Your Amazon Kindle Book Sales by % in a Week

I have multiple streams of income; self-publishing non-fiction is one of them; as is writing for clients and ecourse sales, so I just switched focus to those. But to stop writing romance was a BIG mistake, as I discuss in a recent post on my blog. Companies like Google and AMZ will always make adjustments; you just have to recognize this and weather it. Oh, no.

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Just reading this after my previous comment. Is it even worth getting started at this point? Does their subscriber service apply to self-published books? Like I always stress, writing romance is not a get rich quick scheme. BUT it is a fun way to make money over time if you enjoy writing in this genre.

Even after not publishing for almost two years, I still earn money on auto pilot from the books I published back in I started publiishing again regularly this year my goal is 1 book per month , and as soon as I did, sales started to spike up again. And please do give it a go; OMG you might be so surprised.

Good luck! Oh my GOD, Yuwanda, where have you been all of my life?! This makes sense for me. Quick question regarding the mailing list: How did you collect emails? Through your business website?

Step #1: Decide on your ebook topic

Also, what is the difference between your free course and your paid course? In answer to yoru questions, I collect emails via my fiction publishing site InkwellEditorialPublishing.

The 3 secrets to making a living with your writing (without book marketing)

But at the very least, you should put a subscriber box on your romance writing site and of course get one of these; just a basic one will do. Someone singing your praises? Send them plenty of thanks and draw attention to their kind words. When a Philadelphia Starbucks store had two black men arrested, the hashtag BoycottStarbucks went viral, and fast.

The hashtag was used more than , times in just three days. That is officially a crisis. We apologize to the two individuals and our customers for what took place at our Philadelphia store on Thursday. After this first apology, the company followed up with several more statements on social media, and announced that it would close all of its stores for a day of racial-bias training. It remains to be seen what the long-term effects of this incident will be for the Starbucks brand, but the consequences would almost certainly been worse if the company had not responded quickly and appropriately on social media.

Does your company have a plan in place for dealing with a crisis? While smaller brands may not have a crisis blow up to such a large scale, a smaller number of shares can have a devastating impact within a tight-knit community or niche. Silence is not an option when it comes to responding to crises on social media.

Social networks give you the opportunity to interact directly with customers and fans, and likewise give them the chance to interact directly with your brand. Unlike traditional media, which offers only one-way communication, social media is a two-way street. If you want customers and followers to be engaged, you have to be engaged yourself. You can also use social media monitoring to keep an eye on what people are saying across the social web.

People expect brands to be available on social media and seek out their social accounts for customer service. The HBR research, which specifically looks at Tweets, shows that customers who receive a response to their Tweet would be willing to spend more with the brand on a later purchase, especially if they get a response within five minutes. That holds true even when the initial Tweet was a flat-out complaint. We mentioned social media monitoring above as an important element of audience engagement.

Social media generates a huge amount of data about your customers in real time. You can use that information to make smarter business decisions. All of the major social networks offer analytics that provide demographic information about the people interacting with your account. This can help you tailor your strategy to better speak to your real audience. Lots of mentions is a good thing, right? Sure, in many cases. Using social media for your business allows you to stay on top of sentiment analysis so you can protect your brand reputation.

For example, tracking mentions of your competitors might reveal pain points with their products that you could reach out to address, winning new customers in the process. When Uber Canada launched a promotion to deliver free ice cream for a day in Vancouver, things went spectacularly wrong. They took to social media to complain. The social team at Skip The Dishes saw an opportunity and reached out to people complaining about Uber with a free ice cream delivery of their own, in the form of a Skip The Dishes credit.

All those Uber haters quickly turned into Skip The Dishes fans, and new customers since you had to create a Skip The Dishes Account to get your free ice cream. Thanks for delivering free ice cream to the office SkipTheDishes. Happy Friday! Social ads are an inexpensive way to promote your business and distribute content. They also offer powerful targeting options so you can reach the right audience and make the most of your budget.

Savvy marketers have embraced this key benefit of social media for business: They will spend twice as much on Facebook ads in as they will on newspaper advertising. With ad targeting options including demographic information , geography, language, and even online behaviors, you can craft specific messages that best speak to different groups of potential customers, and only pay for the exact viewers you want to reach.

112 Where to Build Your Platform As an Unpublished Novelist

Nearly 70 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned. People who have abandoned products in a shopping cart are prime potential customers. They have already found your website, browsed your products, and made a decision about what they might want. People abandon shopping carts for many reasons , but someone who has expressed this degree of interest in your company should not be ignored.

Using tracking tools like the Facebook Pixel , you can show these potential customers social media ads for the exact products they have browsed on your website or placed in the shopping cart. For example, the craft site Craftsy used retargeting Facebook ads to promote products to people who had already interacted with a product page on the Craftsy site. The campaign saw a 4. It is always a challenge for marketers to prove return on investment.

But with social media tracking and analytics tools, you can see the full impact of your social media activities, from follows to engagements right through to purchases. Tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite Impact track website traffic generated from social media, conversions, email sign-ups, and ROI for both organic and paid social media campaigns. UTM parameters are another great tracking tool that will help you see which social networks are providing the most benefits for your business. Use Hootsuite to easily manage all your social media channels from one dashboard.

Grow your brand, engage customers, keep up with competitors, and measure results.