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Finale F. Mendelssohn, arr.

A Pemberley Medley by Abigail Reynolds

O Holy Night IV. Carol of the Bells II.

Ravel, arr. Chaconne II. Intermezzo III. March Ave Maria A. Bruckner, arr. Lotti, arr. Fucik, arr. Bach, arr. Rossini, arr.

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Verdi, arr. Gardel, arr. Scarlatti, arr. Schubert, H.

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Purcell, A. Liszt, arr. Rachmaninoff, arr.

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Smetana, arr. Jingle Bells II. Rheinberger arr. Holst, arr. Fanfare II.

Chorale III. Adagio and Allegro II. Andante III. Clash II. Proclamation Hungarian Rhapsodie No. Memoirs II. Testaments Lullaby for Bella W. On the Lake W. Brahms, Arr. Saint-Saens, arr. Rush II. Exclamation Suffrage Suite J.

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Adieux of the Arab Hostess II. J'aime L'amour! Tarantelle Xi W. Exhult II. Illuminate III. Purify IV. Rejoice Solace written for Tina Su W. Waves II. The Discoverers III. Sea Winds IV. Faith is a Fine Invention IV.

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Fame is a Fickle Food V. Octatonic Rag II. Octatangos III. Introduction and Can Can IV. Prologue I II. Recitative and Proclamation IV. Statement of Charges V. Vow of Freedom and Honor VI. If I can stop one Heart from breaking II. The Soul selects her own society III. Superfluous were the Sun IV. Duck's Ditty II. Handel arr. Mailman Tales by Jess Thornton was a pleasant little read. In the book, Thornton tells about his experiences as a mailman in a little town.

This book made me long for the days when everyone respected each other and neighbors looked out for each other It started with a storm.

Patrice Greenwood

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