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The meat quality is beautiful and absolutely unsurpassed. The bakery section is heavenly. I found myself wanting to encapsulate the entire bakery, somehow permanently press it into a large mobile bubble, and bring it home with me. You know … be the bubble girl who lives in a bubble bakery world.

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I think I may have created my own definition of a worldly heaven. No gold bubble needed for me, just give me plenty of sumptuous rice flour pastries please.

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Can you create a grocery store that is equivalent to the standards upheld in Japan? Can you uphold the standards of perfect produce, cleanliness, highly superior organization, and only stock the freshest seafood and meat? Can you produce a bakery within the store that far exceeds any freestanding local bakery? If you believe you have found the American equivalent to the Japanese grocery store, I implore you to take pictures and email me.


And, for all you future travelers to the Islands of Japan, I implore you to visit a neighborhood grocery store. It should be as highly decorated of a tourist activity, as sampling some of the greatest sushi the country has to offer. I guarantee it will be a breath-taking, eye-opening, and mind-altering experience. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Travel Tips Tokyo Prefecture. I played steel guitar for a road band in the 70's, and we backed Matsu for 2 weeks She did a great job and we all had a ball together with her and her husband George If anyone knows how to contact her I would appreciate it Dick Hitchcock.

I could find no mention of her anywhere I just didn't want her to be totally forgotten. If I'm not mistaken, the singing cowgirl may have ended up in Branson, or am I thinking of another Japanese fiddler? Leading the house band at the Horseshoe was utter insanity. Remind me to tell you the story of the night when everyone ended up on the floor in a morass of overturned tables and broken glass.

It involved a bunch of cops, the drunken regulars and Jeni's tits. Tony "Morgan" Vice. She has a band and performs regularly. You can find her on facebook and she could probably get you her mother's info. Awhile back she was doing some shows with Tokyo Matsu. I remember when they lived in Hendersonville in the early 80's and I would sneak into Rose's room while George was asleep in his recliner and her mom was out of town performing.

Honestly I never met George but would recognize the top of his head. Google Rose Knight to get her contact info.

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Good luck. I think she is in Branson often doing shows. Rose and I were friends as kids and I currently live in branson but have not heard of them being in town. I also worked at Shoji Tabuchi Theatre for 12 years in branson..

xsitabnemat.cf Walking into the Horseshoe in the 70's I heard a kick ass rendition of orange blossom. Tokyo Matsu 'natch. Mind blown returned every night with friends 'till she was gone.

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One enduring memory is her turning to the band and saying " gimme A chord prease. Tokyo Matsu is my aunt by marriage She was married to my uncle George Shockley. I have not seen her since the early 80's. She was great. We always loved seeing her. I would love some info on her. Post a Comment. Pages Home new waterford. Tokyo Matsu the Singing Japanese cowgirl.